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We Empower Communities of the Future. 

PAL (Personal and Local) is a technology product that allows a community owner or administrator to enrol, manage and engage a membership base, whilst adding insights-based value and workflows that better serve the interests of that community.

The product is provided by as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) with associated Managed Services (technical, business, content and community management) from immedia. 

There is a Service and Media layer which is co-managed and elective to participate in, depending on the nature of the product offering/pricing that will provide a ROI and new types of revenue from new community models. 



PAL has been crafted in Durban, South Africa.

PAL was created out of the need to build strong, ethical, positive human centred communities who have ownership of their privacy, data and values.

In conceptualising, testing and deploying the PAL product, immedia collaborated closely with local and global communities, to make sure that the product would work for you.

Screenshot 2019-10-31 at 17.37.46.png
Screenshot 2019-10-31 at 17.43.58.png


PAL has been created out of the Fabrik framework.

PAL is powered by a world-class technology framework that enables a community owner to build a fully engaging and immersive community experience.

This technology is called Fabrik, which has been conceptualised and is in constant development by immedia. 

Fabrik is a "born in the cloud" suite of services, created with support from Microsoft South Africa. 


The framework makes use of the latest in Microsoft Azure security, and is backed by global standards in security, stability and scalability. 

The product is supported and extended daily by our teams of software engineers, cloud architects and graphic designers, and our customer success specialists are available to support your admins & members as your community matures and strengthens.

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