Ways you could Advertise in our PALs.

Among the many marketing strategies that a company can use to promote its products and services, advertising in a closed community is one of the few that has the potential for huge payoffs.

Key benefits of being an advertiser for a community:

  • Speak directly to an intimate, targeted, High LSM audience Guaranteed message delivery

  • Form personal, individual relationships with the community

  • Create concierge points for app members to speak directly to you

  • Build communities around your brand in a contextually relevant, local way

  • Build brand loyalty and relevance in an intimate, uncluttered digital environment

Being an advertiser your business has many marketing opportunities:

Opening Billboard

  • An attention-grabbing promotional area that appears when the app is launched.

  • Rich full-screen display.

  • Click through call to action.

  • Great for brand awareness.

Direct Message

  • Direct message straight to a user’s phone.

  • Include an image or link to your website.

  • Great for promotions, discounts, and special offers.

Directory Listing

  • Premiere in-app listing of your brand.

  • Includes brand image, weblink, email and click to dial.

  • Great for brand visibility and easy access. 

Dial-board Instant

  • Instant access to your brand from the exclusive in-app dial board.

  • Quick dial tap-to-call.

  • Routes straight to your brand’s help-desk.

  • Great for emergency call-outs and bookings.

Brand Channel

  • Create your own sub audience within the app.

  • Communicate directly with an opt-in audience about your brand.

  • Rich media bi-directional communication – image, voice, video, and text.

  • Great for creating direct service points within a PAL community – call to order and reservation bookings.


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