Alumni Associations

Now that we’re in the mobile age, PAL uses the capabilities of a platform to help Alumni Associations with any communication goal. 

With features that enable the use of profile creation and dynamic content, a PAL can empower members to build new relationships and stay up to date with the latest news. Ultimately, it is a tool that can help the overarching mission of Alumni Associations to connect their alumni and strengthen universities/schools.

Student on Mobile Phone

Key features and benefits with PAL:

  • Instant student communication

  • Internal private messaging service for teachers and management

  • Educational content distribution

  • Newsletter replacement

  • Upcoming events

  • Parent-teacher communication portal

  • Alumni contribution and school touchpoints 

  • Emergency notices

  • Student feedback tool

  • Data security

  • Communication audit trail

  • Class registrations

  • Field trips, events coverage (sports events, internal journalism),

  • Quick dial number directory,

  • Advertising platform

  • Community builder 

  • Optimised workflows, notices, polls, insights, and analytics


Elevate to the realtime, eliminate lag and infuse personality with PAL.