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Maytime SRA

A formally constituted community discover a real-time way to engage, and find delight and connection along the way.

The Maytime Special Rating Area (SRA) Community Association is an established residential community situated in the Kloof area of KwaZulu-Natal, made up of a healthy mix of young professionals, families with small children, and retirees. This mixed bag of residents has resulted in a community that is very much family-oriented and extremely security-conscious, to whom creating a socially cohesive, safe, clean and welcoming environment is paramount.

When they first engaged us, the Maytime community and its leadership were frustrated by the lack of a central place to share information and engage around safety and security, as well as other issues pertinent to its members.

Old methods of sending out information via SMS and email were no longer effective and important group information was getting lost amidst the high-noise, high-spam environments typical of these outdated systems.

Creating shared context

What we set out to do with PAL in the Maytime community was to bring all community engagement into a shared context, to foster a safe and secure environment where matters related to security could be discussed with ease, to create opportunities for more different kinds of engagement to occur, as well as to offer members new ways to generate revenue, thereby uplifting the community and its residents.

A place for human connection

Along with these outcomes, what we've seen occurring when deploying a service like PAL into the Maytime community is an outcome whereby specific, topical interest groups can emerge and then flourish based on the interest and personality of the community, giving community owners useful insights into how to harness their members towards useful outcomes.

As a result, introducing PAL into the Maytime SRA precinct has actually improved the standard of living in the community, and made it a much more attractive place to own property and live.

Feedback from the Community Owners

Odie Versfeld – Community Administrator had this to share:

Fabrik has exposed to an extent what we do in the community daily. The feedback from the community is really heart warming as there is now some recognition and acknowledgement for what is being accomplished. From a direct security point of view, I think people in the community are a bit more at ease knowing that there is a means to connect to neighbours, peers and the SRA team for security related matters and advice.

Feedback from Members

“The app is great! Thanks to all involved in putting it together.”

“Really appreciate the app - love it as it keeps us all in the loop”

“…absolutely fantastic, informative and an excellent communication tool, keeping us all connected.”

“Fantastic app, keeps all residents in the know.”

Moments of Delight shared within the Maytime SRA Community

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