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How to get your

Community sponsored.

Your community needs this, but you don't have the funds? Link up with a company that stands to benefit most from your community.

Image by Jana Sabeth

Why would a company sponsor your community app?

Sponsor companies get their name and brand front and center to make a strong impression with new audiences and existing customers. Companies/Services are motivated to become sponsors because they can:

  1. Strengthen their image by associating with a community

  2. Shows community responsibility

  3. Get more involved with a community

  4. Gain access to new customers

  5. Engage customers and keep them interested

  6. Set themselves apart from their competitors

  7. Find value equivalent to or better than advertising to the same audience

Your fee is subsidised by the Sponsor which includes promotion of the Sponsors' services to the Community app users. This promotion will take the form of a sponsored channel, billboards, concierge desk, and direct alerts.

How does the sponsorship model work?


How Geek Managed Services 

being a Sponsor, was of service to various communities.

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